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July 10, 2008

What I love about Stephen King

I’ve always had this internal urge to create.  I remember organizing the neighborhood kids into characters and giving out scenerios that we could play.  My parents tell me that I used to sit on my swing set for hours and sing songs that I made up on the spot.  I loved making up stories and writing them down.  I especially enjoyed pretending to be someone or something else when I played.

I was often accused of having an over active imagination…as if that was a bad thing!

Only as an adult have I come to realize that this creativity, which rears itself in the forms of music and writing, is truly a gift I was blessed to be given.  Whenever anyone asks me why I bother to write books when so far, I’ve only managed to crack some magazine markets, I can only give one reply:  Because I can’t “not” write.

Stephen King has a FAQ page on his official website and I absolutely love his answer to the question:  Why did you become a writer?  Here it is, copied from

“The answer to that is fairly simple-there was nothing else I was made to do. I was made to write stories and I love to write stories. That’s why I do it. I really can’t imagine doing anything else and I can’t imagine not doing what I do.”

That’s one thing I love about Stephen King.

I remember enjoying what I would refer to as “scary” movies and watching them with my mother on nights when my dad would be at work or volunteering at a local organization.  My mother introduced me to Alfred Hitchcock and I immediately became a fan of the genre.  I loved the quirky way Hitchcock would appear in his films and part of the fun of watching them was to see if I could spot him.

Although I prefer King’s books to any films made from his stories (with the exception perhaps of Misery, which was an excellent film), King developed that same quirk of appearing in bit roles in his own movies.  That’s another thing I like about Stephen King.

I took an online workshop years back and the one thing I remember about the plotting seminar was that we were all told to ask ourselves “what if”.  It brought me back to my childhood drama games again.  I can still hear the voices of my neighborhood friends in their enthusiastic high pitches yelling “what if I…” followed by a plethora of different scenerios, keeping us playing for hours.

Who knew that Stephen King would subscribe to the “what if” method, but according to his FAQ, King applies this technique to his writing all the time. 
Another reason I love Stephen King.

  • I love the fact that Stephen King lives in Bangor Maine, not Hollywood or New York. 
  • I love the fact that Stephen King’s wife is also a writer
  • I love the diversity of King’s subjects
  • I love the fact that King writes every single day
  • I love that Stephen met Tabitha in a library
  • I love how his books can still scare me after all these years

So that’s what I love about Stephen King.

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