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November 9, 2012

Green Room Scripts and Selling Your Plays

Yesterday I got an email from Green Room Scripts. I hadn’t heard of their site but their email intrigued me so I checked it out.

They publish playscripts that are very affordable for community groups and drama companies who just don’t have the money to mount productions with big royalty fees. From what I saw on the site, most shows have a royalty of $20.00/performance. As a drama teacher, I found their e-script plan very appealing.

They also allow authors of plays to self-publish with them. (I have not worked with them so please check out all their terms and conditions carefully if you decide to submit your plays).

The site says that they are a place “where people can publish, buy or sell content related to the arts and performing arts.”

Check them out and see if they have something to offer that appeals to you and your needs.

Another option for getting your plays into the hands of directors and performers is to offer scripts on your website – you DO have a website, right?
I have sold scripts to summer programs and small drama groups. They are easy to print up and bind using cardstock for title page and back page. Be creative making your own script copies.

Read published scripts for disclaimer sheets and decide which terms and conditions you wish to apply to your scripts.

Now…back to Nano.

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