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May 31, 2010

I miss my characters

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I’ve spent a long time with the characters from my first suspense novel and I’ve come to know them as well as the “real” people in my life.

Eleanor, my heroine, is also a writer of suspense and she is enjoying much success with her books.  I can fast forward a few years and pick up her life as if it were my own.

Michael, Eleanor’s husband, has been a tougher character to create.  I wanted him to be one of those men only a handful of lucky women manage to connect with, and yet still be a believable 21st century male.  Michael’s character took on the most revisions before he became the man he needed to be.

Mel, my villain, was fun to write, yet often very scary.  Sometimes I wondered how his creepy thoughts kept surfacing inside the mind of someone like myself, a stable, very normal individual.  But I also enjoyed being able to step into the psychotic nature of a person like Mel and try to figure out what made him do the things he did.

As I write the pages of my newest book, I find myself wondering what Eleanor, Michael and Mel would do in the situations of my new plot.  I wish I felt the same intimacy with my new characters, but I know it’s only a matter of time before they too become as real to me as my original trio.

Do you write characters that you miss once you’re done with them?


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