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June 7, 2009

How to set up your own writing group

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Maybe some of you would like to create a writing group, but just don’t know how to go about doing it.  Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started:

1.      Pick a location (often local libraries, community centres and
         bookstores have rooms available at no cost for such an activity)

2.     Decide on an itial meeting time (this can change once members get
         together and provide feedback on available times)

3.     Advertise the first meeting.  Make a poster with pertinent information
        (date/time/place/how to contact you/cost to join…free) and hang it
         on any free bulletin boards in your community (malls/library/
         bookstores/local establishments).  Advertise it online for FREE at
         kijiji.com.  Seems most cities in N. America have a Kijiji site.

4.     Make up a name for the group – something catchy & writing related.

5.     Make sure to have contact info. (phone number/email) in case
         people have questions before coming out to the meeting.

6.     Have an agenda for the first meeting – be organized if you want to
        attract others.  Most likely the first meeting will be about everyone
        getting to know each other, telling a bit about their writing interests
        and deciding on what the group wants to get out of the meetings.

7.     Plan how often to meet.  (once or twice a month is probably best)

8.     Set up a free website or blog so everyone can keep in touch in
         between meetings.

Remember, you don’t have to be a writing expert to set up a writing group. 

Some writing groups are very specific, ie, for those who write rhymes for kids or those who write novels.  But remember, if you advertise for only one type of writing, you may not get many (or any) members.  It’s probably best to start out welcoming any styles and genres.  If enough writers join, eventually they might branch off into their own sub-groups.

Good luck with your new groups.

June 29, 2008

Hello, is anybody out there?

The writing life is a solitary one, isn’t it?

Endless hours spent in front of the computer monitor writing, revising and researching. 

A single coffee cup, a notebook and a favorite pen pass the time as I people watch, listening for that one excellent snippet of conversation or finding that one unique character for my latest project.

The reference section of the local library, where I find it so easy to get distracted into researching several projects at once.

Whiling away the afternoon at my favorite bookstore, not caring that I’m sitting in the childrens’ section, reading the latest MG adventure novel.

Oh the luxury to find the time to read purely for pleasure!  Is that even possible now that I’ve embarked on my writing journey?

Writing can, for the most part, be a very lonely and isolating activity.  But thanks to the internet, that isn’t the case anymore.

With all the online writing groups, forums, listserves, critique groups and blogs, I no longer worry that I don’t live in a major metropolis, a stone’s throw from agents and publishers.

I really enjoy listserves.  I get the messages in digest form, downloaded into my Outlook Express, so I can read them offline.  Currently, Yahoo Groups has over 100,000 writing-related groups with listserves.  Some of my favorites are:

Childrens-Writers (for those who write PBs, MGs, YAs, articles etc.)

Fiction that Sells(Genre fiction markets and tips)

Musical Makers(for musical theatre bookwriters/composers/etc)

There are also tons of online resources for critique groups, workshops, conferences, writing sites and more.  Check out this page for a whole host of links to get your started:


So remember, no matter you live, you can connect with other writers online in a great number of different ways.


October 1, 2007

All things writing

Check out my new blogsite for all things writing.  You’ll find useful articles and tips about different genres as well as submitting, formatting, book recommendations and any other useful tidbits.

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