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March 16, 2011

Author interviews & online press releases

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Another great way to promote your book is to promote yourself as an author.  There are always ezines and websites looking to interview new authors.  Link these pages to your Facebook page or your website to actively drive more possible readers in the direction of your book(s).

Also, take advantage of FREE press releases online to announce your new book(s) or any events, like speaking engagements, booksignings etc.

by Cathy B. Stucker

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Are you doing everything you can to promote yourself and your books?

November 19, 2010

Press Release

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What’s the best way to get the word out about your newly released book? 

How about a press release?

Just google the words “press release” and you’ll find lots of articles, “how-tos” and information about writing and sending a press release.   Below is a copy of my press release for my first published novel, “When Love Won’t Die.”


LOCAL Author signs first book deal

Thunder Bay author and entrepreneur, Jacqueline McMahon, signed her first book deal with mid-size U.S. publisher, Red Rose Publishing, earlier this year. Her anticipated suspense novel, “When Love Won’t Die”, was released in e-book form on September 23, 2010. Once one hundred copies of the e-book version are sold, McMahon’s book will be available in print paperback form as well.

There will be a book signing event on Monday, November 29, 2010 from 6:30-8:30 at the Brodie St. Library. Guests can meet the author, buy autographed copies of the e-book, enter prize draws and enjoy a short reading. Cake and refreshments will be served.

“When Love Won’t Die” is the first of several suspense novels McMahon plans to write. Currently, she’s working on the sequel as well as penning another novel in the same genre. All of her novels are set in northwestern Ontario, a backdrop that Jacqueline believes serves the genre well and one that, to her knowledge, has not been used in suspense fiction until now.

McMahon is not new to the publishing world and has successfully submitted articles on different aspects of the writing craft to ezines, websites and print publications. She also dabbled, quite successfully, in the kidlit genre, writing numerous children’s poems for many mainstream markets. Most recently she has been published in two of Writer’s Digest’s Market books (Screenwriter’s and Playwright’s Markets 2009 and 2010) and Hopscotch for Girls Magazine (June 2009 issue and December 2009 issue).

To purchase her novel, “When Love Won’t Die,” online, download it directly onto your computer, phone or e-book reader by visiting any one of the following sites:





The e-book is available in many different formats including PDF, HTML, Kindle, Kindle for PC (free download) and zip file. Copies on CDR can be purchased directly from Jacqueline and autographed for gifts.

So now that it’s written, what am I going to do with it?

I’ve submitted my press release to all my local newspapers, radio and TV stations, independant magazines, my alma mater alumni association and online through my social networks.  So far, I have an upcoming interview in our local arts and culture magazine, “The Walleye” and hope to garner other opportunities to promote my book signing and my book with responses to my press release.

I’ll keep you posted.

Remember, it’s up to you, the author, to market your work and get the word out if you want to sell lots of copies of your book.

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