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October 12, 2007

Muse online virtual writer’s conference

If you’re seriously trying to get your writing career off the ground or even if you’ve had some success with acceptances, you’ve heard it time and again:  Go to writer’s conferences. But for some, there isn’t enough time or money to attend these events.

Well thanks to organizer Lea Schizas, this free (yes you heard me…FREE) week long conference has live chats, workshops, forums and a ton of freebies and handouts. 

Check out their website and don’t be sad if you missed the conference.  They put everything together for you in an ebook:

I’ve been attending as much of the conference as I can this week (around work and life responsibilities) and cannot say enough what an amazing opportunity this is for writers of all genres.  Whether you’re writing for kids, aiming at magazines, looking to publish a novel, wanting to know about ebooks or seeking ways to promote your already published works, this conference offers you access to a plethora of industry professionals who are more than willing to give advice and answer questions.

I’m definitely going to click the optional “donate” button at the end of the week and send something to keep the conference alive for next year. 


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