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October 13, 2007

Confusing myself with revisions

My suspense novel is really taking shape and this last revision, #5 to be exact, has really cut the fat from the manuscript as well as tightened up plot and POV issues.

Thank goodness for critique groups, though.  It seems I cut chapter 3 featuring Louisa, a housekeeper, from the final revision, only to mention her in chapter 15.  With an abundance of emails saying:  “Who’s Louisa?”, I quickly realized that revision #5 still needs a little bit of fine tuning.

But what did I learn from this?

After I’ve read the manuscript for the umpteenth time, perhaps it would be a good idea to go through it and look for inconsistences.  With all the deleting of certain scenes and the addition of certain others, it’s time to make sure that I’m not relying on my original draft version anymore.

Had I not sent this manuscript through my critique group, things like this would get through to potential editors and agents.  I don’t need to sabotoge my writing by making silly mistakes like this.

So how do I feel about revising?

I used to hate it, but now I love it.  When I re-read a revised chapter and see how much better it is, how can I not get excited!

Along with the revisions, I’ve been skulking out prospective publishers and agents for this project.  I’m anxious to start subbing it out so I’d better get back to checking for inconsistencies.

If you find revising tedious, keep your eye on the prize:  the contract and a copy of your book in your hands.

Tell me your revision stories.

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