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July 10, 2019

10 things playwrights should do besides writing

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1. Go through your body of work and sort everything into categories
    like genre/length/submissions
2. Make an agreement with yourself to submit to at least 3 markets you have NOT
   submitted to previously.
3. Enter at least one new contest.
4. Go through all your old notebooks and look for a new character or situation on
    which to base a new work and begin writing
5. Save up for a writing program that will make your writing easier, ie Final Draft.
6. Plan a staged reading of one of your works and produce it yourself.
7. Workshop a WIP and really “listen” to the character’s voices.
8. Try writing dialogue for a “new” character.
9. Take an acting workshop and feel what it’s like to step into the actor’s shoes.
10. Plan to attend a work of someone’s that you have never considered going to
    before and go with an open mind.

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