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February 26, 2019

Getting Unstuck

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How many of you are currently stuck on a writing project?

I have been stuck on my sequel for quite a while now. Every time I go to work on my final edit, something derails my progress.

Last year my laptop died and although I had been what I thought was diligent about backing up my work to flash drives, it turns out that I am missing three chapters that I had revised and replaced in my original document. So that was a several days checking copious amounts of notebooks and folders to try to re-create these missing bits.

Then, doing an overall revision to my plot, I needed to change an important location, thus necessitating the re-writing of a few more chapters. I’m dealing with this in fits and starts as I can’t quite get the rhythm in the scenes to match the rest of the chapters.

The longer I take digging through the mire, the less interested I am becoming in the project…and that concerns me.

I still think it’s a great story and a great conclusion to my novel, “When Love Won’t Die”. I have readers patiently waiting for the book to come out.

And yet, I remain somewhat stuck.

Blogging about being stuck has given me a push to try again – to jump back in with both feet and wade through the mess until I can tidy it up.

Don’t give up if you’re stuck! We can do this!

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