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February 12, 2018

Writing a book: The Importance of Drafts

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As writers, we often seem more preoccupied with writing the perfect prose than getting the job done. A book is a huge undertaking and while many writers begin them, not everyone finishes their book.

The First Draft should simply be getting it down on paper. Don’t wrestle with the details, just get the story done from start to finish.

Now you can go back and fill in missing info which could include:

Characters’ names (especially secondary characters whose names you hadn’t even created during the first draft)

Locations and specific places (are they real places that need specific geographical specifics or are they created and don’t actually exist)

Information you have to research (like police procedures, courtroom or hospital)

Now you’re ready to submit this draft to your chosen readers for critiquing. (I belong to a critique group and find them an invaluable resource. I do not suggest using friends and relatives as your chosen readers.)

Once you’ve received their feedback, you’ll have to decide what to revise, thus creating yet another draft.

Finally, get someone to proofread your copy for grammar, punctuation, formatting etc. (Many self-published authors pay a professional for this service.)  At this point many authors also suggest doing a line by line edit as well.

Now your manuscript is ready to be submitted to publishers and/or agents, but remember to follow their unique submission guidelines to the letter.

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