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January 4, 2018

It’s 2018 and I’m back

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wells-theatre-norfolk-virginian-seats-63328.jpegAfter a very long but necessary hiatus from this writing blog, I am back in full swing.  I hope all my readers have been busy writing, revising, promoting and getting their work out there.

2017 was a breaking point type of year for me. After 23 years of operating a very successful performing arts business, I decided that the 7 days/week workload and all the administrative duties associated with the *business* end of running my studio were slowly draining me of my creativity and my passion for creating.  So at the end of June, I closed my business.

I also needed a change of pace in my day-to-day life, so I bought a house in a town of approximately 1200 people and moved from the city of 110,000, where I lived my entire life, to this slightly isolated forest village.

What drew me to my new place of residence was the fact that there weren’t any creative arts programs offered here. I didn’t really pick my new town – it picked me.  And so far my lessons and classes have been a huge hit with the locals, as well as my more relaxed schedule. I’ve also met another published writer, several trained singers and an abundance of open, giving souls who have all made me feel extremely welcome.

In my former studio I was responsible for writing anywhere from 6-8 original plays and/or musicals for our drama department every school year.  Now that I no longer have all these classes, I have decided to edit and revise my scripts and submit them to play publishers in the hopes of sharing them with drama teachers and their students.

So for my first “all things writing” post, I am going to post some play publishing websites for those of you who may want to submit your own works or those who are looking for fresh material to perform.

So I name 2018 of this blog, “The Year of the Theatre”.

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  1. I have housemanaged six shows at my school. I am a theatre minor, which requires me semesters of applied theatre, which is basically a class where you volunteer in the theatre at school for 40 hrs each semester. I was put on duty as house manager. I was allowed to see one of the productions for each show as long as someone was looking after the lobby and usually it is an usher who takes my place. My blog is a musical theatre blog, which captures my love for musicals

    Comment by mphadventuregirl — January 4, 2018 @ 6:15 PM | Reply

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