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October 4, 2016

Win a copy of When Love Won’t Die

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I enjoy October for many reasons:

Crisp morning air
Beautiful colors of turning leaves
Warm afternoon sun
Canadian Thanksgiving
and curling up with my favorite mystery/suspense books.

To win a copy of my suspense novel, “When Love Won’t Die”, write a ONE paragraph story opener beginning with this line:

Suzannah squinted through the darkness.

Winner will be selected on October 31st.


Getting back on the Horse

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It’s been many months since I posted. I thank those who still visited my blog site and checked out the scads of posts on *all things* writing.

But I do have the best reason for not keeping up with the blog – I was too busy writing.

I provide original play scripts for the Slightly off Broadway drama department and I have been writing up a storm. Last year, the studio did 6 different dramatic productions, all from my original scripts. Watching my words come to life and my characters become real with actors from ages six to sixteen is always such a thrill for me.

Besides play writing, I also finished the next-to-last revision of my second suspense novel, “Amorous Obsession”. Now, I just need to do some final tweaking and it will be ready for subbing out.

I also felt the call to get back into my ghost story type novel, “Dear Aunt Jane”, and currently have eleven chapters scripted out in rough form and submitted to my critique group.

Lastly, I planned out the characters and setting of my cozy mystery, “Quick, Pass the Chips”. With only a couple chapters into this one, I need to do some more research before I continue.

So…I apologize to my loyal followers for letting the blog slip into oblivion. I hope to be able to continue to provide you with lots of interesting info, tips and resources for “all things writing”.

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