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September 6, 2013

Writing Advice: Questions from my Readers Part Four (final)

This is the last of my series and this question really made me think.

Question:  We produce newsletters for our taxpayers.  Most of them do not read them.  Now I know that small town municipal politics is not that exciting but the community I work in is very apathetic.  How can we better engage them through our publications?

I have to say that this is not an area of expertise for me and I contemplated not posting an answer to this question at first.  That being said, I am a small business owner and am always looking at new ways to engage enthusiasm amongst my existing customers as well as driving new business through my front door.

So here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Keep your publications brief.  (You’ll have a better chance of them wanting to read something concise)
  • Make sure your newsletter is organized with headings and subheadings so that the readers can just read what really interests them or applies to them
  • Use catchy graphics for titles/subtitles or colour or highlighting
  • Keep content light and not too dry 
  • Encourage discussion from your readers on newsletter contents
  • Poll residents to see if they feel that the newsletter is of some benefit to them
  • Perhaps include one human interest story on a local towns person in every issue

Whether you’re writing a newsletter, a magazine article, something for the newspaper, or a book, you must always strive to present your best writing.  You also must promote your publication anywhere and any way you can.  After that, you simply cannot control who will and won’t read what you’ve written.

(On a side note:  I Googled your township and clicked your newsletter link.  You have a very nice, concise newsletter.  Good headlines in nice bold print.  I like the LH sidebar facts on recycling.  You also included a questionnaire to get the towns people’s opinions.  You’re definitely going about this in the right way.  Maybe at a town meeting, if you have such a thing, you could poll the people and see how they would like to receive the information?)



  1. Whenever I’ve done newsletters, I ALWAYS put in some humor — like a joke or comic or antidote — every 2-3 pages.

    Comment by Sandycarl — September 6, 2013 @ 4:47 PM | Reply

  2. Excellent point, Sandy. Yep – everyone can use a laugh, even in the driest of publications. Thanks for the comment.

    Comment by dramaquill — September 7, 2013 @ 5:35 PM | Reply

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