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July 30, 2013

Writing Advice: Questions from my Readers Part One

I’ve had a few questions submitted since I posted on the 26th, so here’s my first Q & A…

Question:   I’d like to know more about how you’ve done marketing. Book signing (check). Um… what else?

Answer:  First of all let me thank you for reading through my blog and seeing that I did cover some marketing strategies in my book signing post.  But you are right – what else can and should a writer do?

Here are some of my strategies…

  1. Post on social media (Note:  This doesn’t mean spamming your contacts with daily rants about buying your book.  Post about your creative journey.  Post about books or authors you enjoy.  Make your posts interesting and entice readers to follow you because they enjoy your content.)
  2. Join sites specific to writers and readers (StumbleUpon/SheWrites/Goodreads)
  3. Ask people who’ve read your book to post reviews online where your book is being sold.
  4. Google book review sites and ask to have them review your book.
  5. Make postcards and take them with you everywhere.  You never know who you might meet that would be interested in checking out your book.  (Vistaprint is a great online source for authors on a tight budget.)
  6. Send out a press release to announce your book coming out (both in your physical location and online)
  7. Talk to your local librarian about doing a workshop and/or having your book added to their catalogue.
  8. Ask your writing friends, critique group, business associates etc. to help promote your book to their circles.  Perhaps you can give them a free copy for doing so and also some bookmarks or postcards to hand out.
  9. Offer to speak at book clubs or in schools or even private clubs.
  10. Read and post in online discussion boards.

Those are my most popular ways of promoting and marketing my book.

This reader also asked:

And when do your rights revert back to you if your publisher doesn’t put the book in print? And if/when they do, will you self-publish?

What a great question.

I signed a 3 year contract with my publisher.  At the end of that time, I will have to make the decision whether or not to keep my book with that publisher or try to get it into print with someone else.  I don’t think I’d self publish but I have been toying with the idea of starting my own publishing imprint as another part of my business so we’ll see when the time comes.


July 26, 2013

Writing Advice: What Do You Want To Know?

Over the years I’ve blogged on a wide variety of writing topics from playwriting to suspense novels, marketing, book reviewing, contests and more.

After going through my archives, I thought I might turn my blog over to my readers for the month of August by answering your writing related questions.

Please fill out the form below. I’ll post answers (and links, if appropriate) to my favourite questions every Tuesday in August.

July 3, 2013

What Distracts You from Writing?

My little Distraction

My little Distraction

Meet Molly, my little distraction!

If Molly had her way, I’d be on call for her amusement 24/7.  Feed me…play with me…walk me…cuddle me!

So how do I resist this little dollie when I have some serious writing work to get done?

I bought a cute little doggie bed that I keep right beside my computer desk and chair, nestled into a little nook at the side of the desk.  Molly curls up and snuggles in her cozy space while I get my work done.  I’m close enough to rub her belly or give her a scratch and she seems to like our new *together* time.

What distracts you from your writing?

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