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March 6, 2013

Sometimes it’s good to stop writing

I’m sure many of you have had to put a long-term writing project, like a novel, on hold at one time or another. If you’re like me, I get very frustrated and stressed when other activities (like work/other writing deadlines/family issues) keep me from spending that necessary time on my next book.

Such has been the case the past couple of months. I was still writing, but there just didn’t seem to ever be enough time to spend even a few minutes on my second suspense novel.

Yesterday, I was finally able to free up a thirty minute block of time for this novel. I grabbed my notebook, the one where I had summarized all the chapters I’d written thus far, and flipped through them all to re-connect myself with all the plot details.

That took about fifteen minutes.

As I flipped onto the first blank page at the end of chapter thirty-five’s summary, ideas began to pour onto the pages, mapping out the next six chapters and leading me toward what I believe will be the ending of this book. Prior to my unscheduled break from this project, I had been struggling to see my way through the plot and definitely had no idea how things would end.

Today I may be able to spend forty-five minutes on this project – actually writing a draft of the next chapter.

So out of absence comes new-found creativity. Sometimes it IS good to stop writing.

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