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October 30, 2012

Nanowrimo in November

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That’s right, it’s almost November 1st and that means, Nanowrimo time.

What’s Nanowrimo, you ask?

National Novel Writing Month – a challenge for participants to write 50,000 words to complete a novel within the month of November.

Winners receive bragging rights and the satisfaction of knowing they wrote 50,000 words.

Sign up – make connections – join your local Nano group – get writing.


I’m all ready to go on Thursday – how about you?

October 11, 2012

Writing dialogue – how do you approach it?

This week my critique group is having a discussion on writing dialogue as it pertains to characters in novels. We’ve been reading blogs, articles, e-books and sharing information from many sources.

We have collectively come up with a couple of common thoughts:

1. Writing regular folks is much harder than colourful characters

2. Some of us hear the voices in our heads, rather than the more
common method of listening to other people talk.

3. Dialects are hard to write and also hard to read

I write a lot of playscripts for kids and teens. Not only do I have to write a lot of dialogue but I also get to hear it played back during rehearsals. For me, this has been a tremendous way to hear awkward phrases, pick out lines that don’t sound real and to help me create more realistic dialogue.

I suggest trying these two things when you’re approaching dialogue writing:

1. Read it aloud (like you’re acting out the part). What rolls off the tongue
easily? Does anything trip you up?

2. Read some stage plays aloud. Can you tell which character is
speaking just from the type of dialogue?

How do you approach dialogue writing?

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