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March 14, 2011

Marketing and Promoting Your Book

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Today’s first-time authors may be in for quite a shock when they have to face the reality that much of the marketing and promoting of their first book is their responsibility.  With small and medium publishing houses, there just isn’t the money or the time for the publisher to do a big campaign to promote every new author.  Time and resources just won’t allow it.  Even authors published with big houses can no longer rely on the publisher to do all the promoting.  Much of it is left up to the author.  And if you think that means just new authors, think again.  Mary Higgins Clark uses online resources for contests and promotion, as do most of the other big literary players.

Developing a web presence is definitely key.  Join social networks – at least Facebook and Twitter.  Follow other writers and genre groups.  Have a page for your book and a separate page for yourself. 

Look for websites, ezines and magazines that are looking to inverview authors and contact them.

Develop your own ezine, where you can provide useful content and in exchange, receive a group of subscribers who are not only interested in your content but also, your books.

Make sure your books are in brick and mortar stores as well as all the big sites online.

Contact book stores locally, and within a reasonable distance from where you live, and offer to do readings, signings, or speak to writing groups about your experiences.

Contact your local colleges, high schools and universities and offer to do a guest lecture.

Join local writers’ groups and make local contacts.

Join local business networks – your writing business definitely qualifies you as an entrepreneur.

Find activities within your community and join something.  Not only will you have fun doing this activity, but you’ll be making contacts who may be interested in reading your book.

Use any and all means of FREE promotion online and off.

Hold a contest – be creative.  Give away copies of your book.

Look outside the box for other creative ways to entice potential readers/buyers.

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