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July 27, 2010

Getting back on the horse, so to speak

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Okay, so first of all let me say that I know in order to have a successful blog (by that I mean a blog that has regular followers and readers), one must consistently post interesting content.  With so much competition these days, it takes a significant effort to create a memorable online blog presence.

I failed miserably during this past month. 

Yes, I have reasons, which to some might better be referred to as excuses:

  • out-of-town on vacation for 12 days
  • company visiting for 8 days
  • oppressive, humid heat
  • unstructured schedule
  • 3rd and final edit of my suspense novel

Yes, you read that last one right.  Working with my content editor, Marguerite, I finished the final edit of my suspense novel manuscript and it’s now being sent to lines…one step closer to publication.

But it’s definitely time to get back up on the blogging horse again.

I’d love to hear from my readers as to how the summer months, vacations, company from out-of-town and all of life’s other little interruptions factor into their writing/blogging.

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