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January 12, 2010

To be a successful writer, you must possess these qualities Part 1

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2009 was a great writing year for me!

I had two poems come out in Hopscotch for Girls magazine (“Marsupials” in the June 2009 issue and” The Language of Tap” in the December 2009 issue).

Writer’s Digest bought an article of mine and published it in their new writer’s market series book, “Screenwriter’s and Playwright’s Markets” 2009 and are also including it as a reprint in their 2010 version of the same market book.

I’ve had some very successful productions of several of my kids/teens’ plays this past season.

I’m more than half-way through the sequel to my adult suspense novel with a goal of finishing it by June of 2010.

And the biggest news of all…

I was offered a contract for my adult suspense novel (more details on that soon).

So as I segue into 2010, I’m jazzed about all that this new year has to offer and all the projects that I’m stoked to begin.  But I also remember, just a few short years ago, wondering if this writing thing, the term used to refer to my creative habit by many family and friends, would ever amount to much more than a verbal pastime. 

Looking back throughout my life so far, I’ve noticed that I’ve really been writing/creating stories since my childhood days, when I’d invent characters and scenerios to help us while away the sunny afternoon boredom.  I wrote stories throughout all my school years.  Alone in my bedroom, I pretended to be an assortment of different characters.  I wrote my first play during a high school summer vacation.

I believe that true writers can’t help but write and create.  And maybe, for some, just the act of putting words to paper fulfills them.

So what propels some writers, like me, to overcome the leagues of rejections, never once losing sight of the ultimate goal:  getting published?
(and by getting published I mean traditional markets that pay).

I truly believe there are certain qualities every writer who is serious about writing professionally must aquire.

Do you have these qualities?

Do you agree or disagree?

In Part 2 of this series of blogposts, I’ll address the first of what I believe are the top five qualities every writer, serious about the writing biz, should possess.

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