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October 30, 2009

November is Nanowrimo

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Okay everybody, this is my pep talk to those of you who keep saying you want to write a book but you just don’t have the time…

November is the perfect month to get cracking on that new manuscript or finish one of those files tucked away in a drawer somewhere.  Most people are through with vacations, the weather is heading toward winter and it’s darker out for longer each and every day.

But the best reason to get writing in November is a wonderful, FREE online event called NanowrimoParticipants vow to write each and every day, approx. 1500 words, for one entire month. 

And guess what?

By the end of November, you can have logged in at least 50,000 words toward a new book or to finish an existing manuscript.

I’ve done Nanowrimo twice before – the first time I did 37,000 words, the second time only 16,000, but, because of the push to write everyday, I wrote more than I would have without participating.

This year I WILL finish my second adult suspense novel during Nano.

Check it out.


Why not sign up and give it a try?

I pitched my novel to a publisher at the Muse Online writing conference

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I hope you all had the chance to attend the Muse Online writing conference.  It’s a free resource for writers of all kinds and includes numerous free handouts as well as real-time chats, assignments, forums for discussion and pretty much anything else that would be of interest to writers of all levels.

A new aspect of this year’s conference were the pitch sessions.  Writers registered in the conference could submit a 100 word pitch to the conference leader in the hopes of being lucky enough to secure a spot pitching live online to a real editor from one of the dozen or more participating publishers.

Luckily, I secured a spot with a publisher and pitched my adult suspense novel.  At the end of the pitch, they asked for a synopsis and the entire manuscript.

I was thrilled!

So I spent the next week meticulously revising, reformatting and tweaking my final draft until I felt it was at its best.  I submitted everything and now must wait 6-8 weeks to find out its fate.

For those of you who say you can’t attend a conference due to travel, expense of attending, can’t take time off or any other reason, this free online conference brings everything you could ever want right into your own home, on your time, at your computer.

Make sure to check it out for next year.  They are already gearing up for registrations for 2010, which begin in November.


October 9, 2009

Muse online writing conference

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It’s that time of year again and writers everywhere are gearing up for the Muse Online writing conference.

I still can’t believe this conference is offered for FREE.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to join up for this year but I’ll try to post interesting information once the conference is over.  It runs all next week and I can’t wait to log on and meet agents, editors and fellow writers, all while compiling tons of new information.

Also, I got selected as one of the lucky writers who can pitch their novel to a publisher.  Of course I’m pitching my adult suspense novel.

Keeping fingers and toes crossed that it’s something they’ll be interested in reading.

I’m baaaack!

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So I needed a new modem.  Go figure!  My DSL provider only took a couple of days to come to my rescue and then my connection was up and running again like new. 

You’d think that would have been it.

But nope – I’ve been having issues with my computer ever since.  After cleaning the drives, defragging them, running a full system virus scan, running a spyware system scan and checking every possible area for problems, I’m convinced that Outlook Express has been the culprit.

For the past three days, I’ve been reading and responding to all my email accounts online, rather than downloading them to Outlook, and voila – no freezing.

I’m still going to get someone to look at my lifeline to the internet and see what can be done, but I’m just glad I’m finally able to get online and stay there.

How do you all handle your internet issues and interruptions?

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