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November 1, 2008

NANOWRIMO – today’s the day

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So I see the WordPress site has an abundance of blogs about Nanowrimo.  And I’m one of those who have opted to try to finish 50,000 on my new book in the month of November.

I haven’t checked the stats on the number of participants doing the “nano” event this year but my guess is that it’s extremely high – at least that’s how it feels as I try to log onto the site again and go to my area’s forum and see how the meet up went this afternoon.  (sadly, I was unable to attend due to work).

It’s an exciting day for a lot of writers, that’s for sure.  I’ve seen posts on numerous listserves, all exuding energy and the adrenaline of the starting line up in some sort of race.  I can hear the words, “and they’re off” echo in my head as I read post after post boasting word counts or ideas about books to come.

Is anyone else having trouble navigating the site like I am?

I would like to go and post my word count, but I can definitely wait until things die down.  The whole point is to write anyway, isn’t it?

So to all of you who are participating and keeping your eye on the 50,000 word prize, good luck, break a leg and happy writing.

Now, where’s my coffee?  It’s going to be a long night!

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